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As a professional emergency roof repair company in New Jersey, we acknowledge that roof damages can happen at any time of the day. Roof damage can result from different human-made or natural calamities such as tripping over branches, flooding, storms, and other disasters. Damaged roofs can be frustrating, especially during extreme weather conditions such as storms, fire, animals, hail, and snow.

Delaying your emergency roof repair can also lead to water damage for not only the roof but also other assets in your property. Our 24/7 emergency roofing repairs are vital for all homeowners as we ensure that our clients can access our services wherever they need them without any delays. Contact our customer care service team and make inquiries about our 24/7 emergency roof repair services in New Jersey, and we will attend to your needs instantly.

Common Causes of New Jersey Roof Leaks

Roof leaks result from several factors, but some are standard. Here are some of the most common roofing emergencies that require an emergency roof repair:

Your roof's age

The first reason why your roof could be leaking is that it is old, and its condition has deteriorated over time. Many roofing materials are durable and can last for between 20 and 35 years. If your roof has been in existence for many years than the manufacturer's recommended lifetime, it could be the reason your roof is leaking.

Missing shingles

Missing shingles can lead to a leaking roof. When your roof is exposed to extreme weather elements or high temperatures, the roof's shingles can be ripped off. When shingles are loose, rotting, or cracked, they start to fall off, resulting in missing shingles. When shingles are not in place, the outer layer of your roof becomes weakened, exposing the underlayment to weather elements hence leaks.

When roofing nails back out

When your roof is old, the nails will start to become loose and quickly begin coming out. Backled out nails leaves tiny holes on your roof, allowing water droplets to penetrate, leading to leaks. The small holes can be unnoticeable to the common eye hence the need to work with professional roof contractors.

Blocked gutters

Another reason why you could experience a leaking roof is that your roof's gutters are clogged. When the drains are blocked by debris and twigs, water that should be shed from your roof starts to collect and pool. This will allow water to accumulate on your shingles and slowly start damaging your roof structure. This is a common emergency roof repair, NJ homeowners should know this one though!

Roof flashing, vents, and ridge caps

The roof's flashing is designed to protect the roof valleys and other spots with vertical surfaces like walls. When your roof is old, damaged from fire, storms, water, or falling branches, its flashing system will be compromised. Dislodged or damaged flashing system will allow the penetration of rainwater, and this causes leaks. This is considered a roofing emergency and requires emergency roof repairs.

Cracked rubber boots

When roofing a structure, rubber 'boots' are used for protruding plumbing vents as they help protect the flashing where it meets the roof. When the rubber boots are exposed to weather elements for a long time, they will start to wear out and crack. If your roof experienced cracked rubber boots, the result would be a leaking roof. This can be a threat to your property and the items in them, hence needing it fixed.

How Do I Know My Roof Is Leaking?

Here are some of the signs that would indicate your roof is leaking or has suffered from storm damage and requires an emergency repair:

1. Water spots on your interior ceilings

One of the most standard signs of a leaking roof is water spots on your interior ceilings. When a roof is leaking, brown spots will start to appear on your ceilings. The stains are in the form of puddles or faint rings.

2. Curling and buckling roof shingles

Conducting a roof inspection can help determine if there are missing shingles or buckled-out ones. These are the common causes of roof leaks. Damaged shingles can be a sign of roof leaks as they can let water in.

3. Exterior wall growths

Another easy way to determine if you have a leaking roof is to inspect your wall for growth. When a roof is leaking, the water will wet the walls and create conducive conditions for fungi, mold, and moss development.

4. Rusty or wet pipes

When your roof is leaking, and the waterfalls on your metal pipes, they will become wet and rusty. A rusty or wet stove pipe can be a sign of a leaking roof.

5. Check if there are water drops in your home

The simplest way to know that you are experiencing a roof leak is to look out for water drops during the rainy season or snowfall. Roof leaks allow water into your home, and any drops should be investigated to determine if leaks on the roof cause them.

Preventing Future Leaks

We offer residents of NJ access to all roofing solutions, maintenance, and repairs. Here are some of the tips that can help you prevent future leaks:

Consider installing waterproof barriers

There are many waterproof barriers that you can install for roof chimneys, skylights, vents, eaves, dormers, and any area prone to a water leak to prevent future leaks. These barriers prevent water from penetrating through your roof to cause further water damage.

Install pre-manufactured flashing

You can prevent future leaks by installing pre-manufactured flashing along with any roof opening like skylights, chimneys, and dormers. The flashing helps enhance the house's drainage, hence, protects it from any potential leaks.

Ventilate attic

Ventilating your attic will help reduce your house's humidity and temperatures. This can help prevent future leaks as a poorly ventilated attic can lead to leaking residential shingle roofs.

Conduct regular roof inspections

Another way to prevent future roof leaks is by conducting regular roof leaks to determine any damage to them and fix them before leaking. This can help reduce the cost of roof repairs significantly and avoid any damages related to roof leaks.

Regularly clean the gutters

Ensuring that your gutters are thoroughly cleaned regularly will prevent the accumulation of dirt in them. We offer gutter cleaning services as well.

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