How To Tell If Your Roof Has Suffered From Damage In A Storm

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home. If there are damages to a roof, then it can lead to water damage in your house and even structural issues with the foundation. It's also possible for these problems to cause mold and more serious health threats as well! So how do you know if your roof has suffered from storm damage? In this blog post we will discuss some common signs that indicate a damaged roof so you'll be able to identify when it needs repairing or replacement.

How Do I Know If My Roof Has Storm Damage

There are a plethora of damages that can be caused in a storm. It first depends on the type of storm that hit. The most common type of damages based on the storm are below.

Hail Damage

If it was a hail storm, then you may have damage to the shingles on your roof or even broken glass from windows in your house. The best way to tell if there is damage is by looking at pieces of siding that have been knocked off and cracks in the exterior walls.

This type of damage can be very serious because the shingles offer protection from the sun and extreme heat. If you don't have your roof replaced quickly, then it can lead to more serious structural issues and even mold in your house.

An additional sign of hail damage is that on a hot day, there will be dark spots where water has pooled in the damaged areas of the roof due to the lack of shingles.

Wind Damage

If it was a wind storm, then there may be evidence of this damage by looking for signs that the roof has shifted or tiles have been blown off. You could also see trees down in your yard, which means they were likely strong winds to knock them over!

Once again you should take note of any windows and exterior walls that are cracked or fallen. This type of damage can also lead to more serious structural issues and water or other leaks into the house, which may cause mold problems as well!

The best way to tell if there's been a wind storm is from looking at your trees in your yard. If you have several that are uprooted, then it was likely strong winds that passed by.

Ice Dams

If it was an ice storm that knocked your roof off, then you'll notice some telltale signs. One of the most common ways to check for this type of damage is by looking at any icicles on the roof or even a layer of snow on top.

You will also see evidence in smashed shingles and streaks down the exterior walls. The most dangerous thing about this type of damage is that it can lead to water leaks and possible mold as well!

If you see any signs of a storm, then make sure you take the time to have your roof inspected or repaired so these damages don't get worse.

What To Look For When You Inspect Your Roof

Below are some of the most common issues you will find when performing a roof inspection. Based on the type of storm that passed, some of these issues may be more prominent than others.

Loose or missing shingles or tiles that can be easily removed. These are typically caused by high winds which have blown these pieces off the roof of your home. If you find a shingle or other loose debris on the ground, it is likely that more are loose on top.

Missing planks on a rooftop deck, which could lead to leaks in other parts of the house if not addressed quickly. This is often due to wind and water damage from rain, hail, or snow accumulation. This one is probably easy to see and is a tell tale sign that your roof may be in need of a serious repair.

A large number of flat spots on the roof surface where it has been damaged by something heavy like tree limbs or branches during a storm event like strong winds with torrential rains and lightning strikes! It's important for you to take care of this problem as soon as possible because moisture will remain trapped in those areas until they're repaired properly.

Loose gutters are another great sign of damaged caused by a storm. These can be significant signs that your roof has been exposed to high winds and is a major sign that a full roof inspection is essential.

Identifying If Your Roof Needs To Be Repaired

You can identify if your roof needs to be repaired by looking for loose shingles or tiles, missing planks on a rooftop deck, and flat spots in the roof surface. If any of these are present it is recommended that you seek professional help to fix your home's damaged roof.

Does Insurance Cover Storm Damage To A Roof?

The first thing you should know is that not all insurance policies are created equally. If your house has storm damage to the roof, then it's important for you speak with a professional about your particular homeowners insurance policy and find out if they offer coverage against this type of event or not. Insurance companies will often have limits on what types of damages they cover, so make sure you're asking them any questions specific to your needs before deciding whether or not to file a claim - especially if there was extensive water damage in other parts of the home as well!

What Should You Do If A Storm Damages Your Roof?

If your roof has suffered from storm damage, then it's important that you get in touch with a roofing contractor as soon as possible. There are different types of repairs that can be done depending on the severity and type of damages to your home's roof:

A simple fix may involve replacing or repairing loose shingles or tiles which have been blown off during high winds.

Another option is to replace broken planks on rooftop decks if these pieces were damaged by wind and rain, hail, snow accumulation. The most extreme form of repair would be flat spots in the roof surface where moisture will remain trapped until they're repaired properly.

Contact A New Jersey Roofing Contractor

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