Flat Roofing Contractors in New Jersey

The benefits of flat roofing systems are endless. The first and most obvious benefit is that it will never leak, which means you won't have to deal with the headache of water damage! Flat roofs also help lower your energy bills because they allow sunlight in during the day to warm up the building and then release that heat at night. Another great thing about flat roofing is how quickly it can be installed as well as its durability.

Installation Process of Flat Roofs in New Jersey

The installation process for flat roofs is quick and easy as well, at least for experienced commercial roofing contractors!

The first step is always the removal of all debris from your existing roof such as shingles or other material. Then, depending on how large the area being worked on is will determine what type of underlayment is used.

Next, a rubber membrane needs to be put down over the entire surface before any fasteners are added. Finally, the finishing touches are added with the installation of roof vents, metal edging and lighting. This is also generally where siding comes into play if you need additional siding services.

Average Cost For A Flat Roof In New Jersey

One of the biggest factors in determining how much a new roof will cost you is what material your current roof is made out of. If it has asphalt shingles or is a metal roof then that means there are going to be a lot more layers and nails needed which can raise costs substantially.

Other things such as ventilation, underlayment, etc also play into the overall price so just keep these things in mind when deciding on quotes from roofing contractors because they should give you an accurate number based off all those variables!

However, if we look at flat roofs specifically here's some information regarding prices. The average cost for one square foot ranges anywhere from $12-20 depending on if your roof replacement requires anything additional. For example your home currently does have any roofing and it's just a flat roof which is ideal. However if you have an old asphalt shingle roof that needs to be torn off then the price of this start out at $15 per square foot, but can quickly go up from there depending on how big your building is!

If you're looking for more information regarding average costs for flat roofs in New Jersey just call us!

Materials Used For Flat Roofing in New Jersey

If you're looking for flat roofing in NJ then make sure it's made using the highest quality materials! The type of material used will depend on the roof replacement which is why we always do a thorough inspection with each customer before giving them an estimate.

Sometimes those who have thin asphalt shingle roofs need to be replaced and sometimes it requires a simple roof leak repair. This means one roofing contractor may recommend removing your roof entirely while another would say no because there isn't enough damage or wear and tear to justify it.

That being said, most roofing contractors use rubber membrane as their main go-to product when installing new flat roofs . It has great durability but also helps reduce noise pollution from things such as traffic passing by or even rainfall hitting against your roof. It also helps lower your energy bills because it acts as a thermal barrier to stop hot or cold air from coming inside!

At Garden State Roofer, we strive to be the number one NJ roofing contractor, so we pride ourselves on honest estimates of what your roof really needs. Roofing companies that immediately try to see the highest package usually aren't in it for the long haul. Call Garden State Roofer to speak with an honest commercial roofing contractor today about our roofing services.

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Benefits of Flat Roofing in New Jersey

Flat roofs have so many benefits to offer! They are often the most cost-efficient solution for those who need a new roof installed. However, just because they're cheap doesn't mean that quality has been sacrificed as well, which is why it should be your first choice if you want something extremely durable and long lasting.

Some benefits of flat roofing include:


Because these roofing systems help control temperature inside your business it can also save you money on energy bills!


It's made from thick rubber membranes that are extremely durable and last a long time! In the future your roof leak repair will cost a small fraction of the cost to fix up an asphalt roof leak repair. Flat roofing systems are perfect for businesses.

Save Money 

A flat roof is one of the cheapest options you have when getting a new roof. However this doesn't mean it isn't high quality because they're still great to look at and very durable as well! Make sure your roofing company offers warranty support for their work though so if anything goes wrong or there is damage then you can get it fixed quickly without having to spend more money out of pocket on top of any repairs needed!

This will ensure an overall positive experience with both your businesses exterior and also within your wallet too, which who wouldn't want that?

If you would like more information about the benefits of flat commercial roofing systems, contact Garden State Roofer for a free estimate today.

Flat Roof Repair in New Jersey

If you need a flat roof repair in NJ then call Garden State Roofer! We specialize in all types of repairs including patchwork or complete replacement.

If your commercial building has been exposed to water damage, then we will likely recommend removing the damaged section entirely and replacing with new materials before finishing up with any needed repairs which ensures everything goes smoothly while maximizing results for your home exterior .

When doing a flat roof repair, there's two main methods:  patch work or removal and replacement depending on how severe the damage is.

If you have a small leak or two then patch work should be enough to get everything fixed again, but if the damage is more widespread and leaves your entire roof exposed to water, then removal and replacement would offer better results as it'll cover up all of those leaks instead.

If there's any questions about flat roof repairs in New Jersey just call us today!

Flat Roofs vs Asphalt Shingles

The long-term benefits of having a flat commercial roof installed over an asphalt one is that it's much better at reducing noise pollution, lasts longer without needing repairs and also helps save money on energy bills by acting as a thermal barrier between hot or cold air inside your home! If you would like the information about how to replace an old shingle roof with new ones please call us today for help!

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